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Friday, April 4, 2014

Creativity and Innovation Project Personal Reflection

        Creating and watching infomercials for this assignment was interesting to me, as it gave a visual for the enhanced learning tools presented by my classmates. Watching a tool in use was more beneficial than just listening to a verbal presentation of the subject being addressed. To see the tool applied to a situation was helpful, and allowed for me to understand clearly what to do. My classmates did a good job explaining their tools, and opening my eyes to different tactics that are out there.
        The way I think about learning using tools was challenged, as I did not even realize the amount of tools out there that could be used to change "boring" everyday classroom habits. By integrating some of the strategies demonstrated by my peers, classrooms could be transformed to include more technology integration and more interaction between students.

         For me personally, I learned how to work creativity in a group by listening to an influx of different ideas and reaching an agreement and common ground about which would be most beneficial to explain our topic. My group works well together to reach agreements about how our projects should flow, and this group work also allows for us to work together to produce a presentation. Also by watching our classmate's videos, we were impressed with the efforts they put in to create and showcase their own tools. I especially liked the Evernote presentation and the Edmodo presentation, as they were well explained, and included tools I could see myself using in the future.

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