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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reflection #6--Augmented Reality

            Described by Augmented Reality in Education, Augmented Reality is the "the fusion of digital information with either live streaming video or the viewer's real environment" and is a medium in which live video is used with supplementary sounds and graphics to create a "reality". Augmented reality is a great tool because anyone can use it. This is a huge advantage as many can use it and AR can share a vast amount of information in a relatively short time period. However, some disadvantages include lack of social acceptance in a particular situation, and frustration that comes from a lack of technological knowledge by those who are attempting to use it.
            The AR app I chose to explore was Animoto. In a previous course of mine, a classmate used Animoto to create a video project. I choose this app to explore because my classmate created a great presentation and I was curious how it worked. I could use this app to help others or myself learn about video creation and this could be used easily in a classroom. If the teacher requires the use of this free app for a project, it could allow students to be producers for their own short video clips and elaborate on a topic learned in class.
Screenshot of the popular app Animoto

            I believe that AR is a great tool to use in a classroom, and that using this tactic can prove beneficial as many students can relate to technology in today's society.

Student at Tate Center using both a cellphone and a laptop to stay connected and complete assignments.

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  1. I think that the advantages of AR outweigh the disadvantages, depending on how it is used. Do you agree? Also, how is Animoto different from any other video creation app?