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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

20% Project Blog Reflection 5--How does your project relate with topics addressed in EDIT2000?

       My 20% project, which focuses on social media in educational learning, is slowly becoming addressed in EDIT 2000. Our most recent project has specifically shined a light on YouTube, a social media account that I am looking at for my 20% project. We just met in groups to discuss how video can be used in a classroom, and more often than not our group referred to YouTube for an example. YouTube as a channel is a huge resource for teachers to use and a great place to find a video on pretty much anything.
             So far in EDIT 2000, we have also touched on topics that can be integrated with social media to enhance the learning experience. For example, our Communication and Collaboration project could easily line up with my 20% project as a task could incorporate students communicating and collaborating together to build a twitter account or a YouTube video. Also, our Creativity and Innovation project could incorporate social media, as group members could have tweeted our their process, and place their videos to YouTube (as we did).
            In each of our lessons for EDIT 2000 I have seen the potential to include a social media link. Pictures can easily be tweeted while our groups are hard at work and YouTube can be accessed for help if a group should get stuck while working on a project. My project could definitely be incorporated into the projects we do in EDIT 2000, as almost everything can be placed on social media.

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