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Thursday, April 17, 2014

20% Project Blog Reflection 6--What lingering questions do you have about your topic?

            I have not yet run into any lingering questions on my topic as I feel I have addressed most of them. I believe my biggest wonder is whether or not social media will be used in a classroom on a more everyday basis in the coming years. I believe social media as a teaching mechanism could be a great and beneficial tool I am just speculative that some teachers and professors will not want to change their teaching ways and integrate something new.
            I also wonder how students will perceive these new tactics should they be introduced in a classroom. Will they tune out other work that isn't on a social media account? Will they instead explore the site and lose track of the assignment? Will it create situations where bullying could occur? I believe these are important questions to be asked, but that they cannot be fully addressed until after full integration of social media was placed into a classroom setting as an experiment. It would be beneficial to do beta testing on this sort of tactic, as it could not translate well across all types of courses, and may be better off in on setting in comparison to another.

            I am really excited to share my 20% project with the class, and explain my findings on these topics. To me personally, I believe there is plenty of room for growth on the topic of social media in classrooms. I believe teachers have the potential to engage students on a medium that serves of interest to them. I understand that this could also prove challenging but would be willing to bet that most would find it rewarding in the end.

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