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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Reflection #4--Visual Learning

     To quote from the article entitled "Life on the Screen", 21st century teaching and learning seeks to "understand a new language of expression" and to understand "the importance of graphics, music, and cinema, which are just as powerful and in some ways more deeply intertwined with young people's culture. We live and work in a visually sophisticated world, so we must be sophisticated in using all the forms of communication, not just the written word." I think these sentences encapsulate the importance that is behind 21st century teaching and learning. The adaption of learning to this advanced and higher learning through visual representations is important because as our world is changing, our learning styles need to change as well. In comparison to education in the past in comparison to learning environments now, a lot has changed. New and different technological mediums have been introduced and offer a different way for students to learn, and to learn just as effectively.

      To me a standout example of visual literacy is advertising. Posters for products require viewers to seek out further knowledge from just a print ad, and challenge them to look through the ad to discover the extended meaning behind such ad. Another slight example of visual literacy is traffic signs placed on roads. Such signs require the viewer to process the sign and then pay attention to its meaning and direction illustrated.

    If I were to help others develops visual literacy, I would say that the process would need to begin as early as possible. By integrating this tactic into a student's life at a young age, more prosperous learning can develop and occur. As a 21st century learner, I could help myself develop visual literacy by taking more time to think through an image, before just "Googling" an answer. By doing so I can challenge my brain and myself to reach conclusions on my own, without the hindrance which are Google and the Internet. By processing a conclusion on my own, I can further develop my visual literacy, instead of crippling my ability to form an opinion.

    For me personally, keeping this blog maintained has been a hassle. The writing of my opinions comes naturally however; time constraints present themselves as I struggle to muster creativity for visual representations and images. I know personally I could never imagine posting a singing blog and I did not fancy the video blog. I would prefer to search different options, which could incorporate writing more than recording, as I find my strengths to be in prose.

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  1. I loved the quote that you inserted in the first paragraph. That was something that had stood out to me as well. Your visual connection to ads and their meaning was interesting to me, as I usually don't try to figure out the meaning of advertisements. However, I do know that they work. Your suggestion to start as early as possible for helping others develop visual literacy was great. Great post!