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Thursday, March 20, 2014

20% Project Blog Reflection 4--Have you talked with any experts or anyone from your potential audience?

            Things are good with my 20% project, and I am enjoying the research process to find out how social media can be found and used efficiently in education. I am very pleased with my selection of this topic, as I believe this is definitely a growing learning tactic that many teachers could include in their own lesson plans due to it's ease, attractiveness, and communication medium.
            While working on my 20% project, I have not taken the initiative to speak personally with experts that could provide insight to my particular project. I am unaware of where I could engage these experts or professionals, aside from my previous and current professors--which I already know do not use social media in their courses. A suggestion to browse LinkedIn has been recommended, and I believe it has the potential to lead me to some new ideas and experts.
            I also have not taken the opportunity to speak to my potential audience. I suppose that asking my potential audience ways in which social media has been involved in their coursework, could provide knowledge about ways in which different courses use social media. This could be beneficial to analyzing different ways in which social media was used in different classes across the board, ranging from education to business to journalism.

             Going forward with my 20% project, I would like to focus a little bit more on specific examples of how Twitter and YouTube can be used in a class. For instance, I would like to locate case studies of classrooms that have used these channels, what they used them for, and the success rate from the tactic. I am also considering conducting a poll from my classmates, asking how they have used social media in school and using the data from that to enhance my search or tailor my presentation to my classmates.

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