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Friday, February 28, 2014

20% Project Blog Reflection 2--Who might benefit?

      When my 20% project is completed I feel as though many will learn and benefit from my presentation. Being that I am researching social media in classrooms, I believe that teachers and soon-to-be teachers will benefit the most from my project. However, there is still room for non-teachers to take away valuable lessons from my presentation as well. I believe that from my project and my exploration, anyone that needs to demonstrate, communicate with, or unite a large group of people will be able to do so with the tactics I will provide about social media. They will learn how social media can connect and distribute messages of many kinds and different ways in which they can carry out such communication.
      For maximum benefit from the audience, there are many ways I could change and format my blog. If I expand my blog posts to include follow up inquiries for my readers, I can open up a forum where questions can be asked and comments can be made. This will be of maximum benefit for my audience because it will allow them to interact with each other, and with me, on the topics addressed. Providing this message board will also allow for other points of views and ideas to be exchanged, thus furthering everyone's understanding on the topic at hand.
     In accordance with my 20% project, a communication medium like this will be of great use for follow up questions and examples that teachers and non-teachers can post and share with others interested in social media integration. They can provide items that worked, ways that did not and ideas for future incorporation.

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