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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

20% Project Blog Reflection 1--Is your topic limited or too broad?

     For my 20% project, I have chosen to discuss the advantages (and perhaps disadvantages) to using social media in a classroom to enhance technological integration with meaningful learning. I have decided to focus primarily on Twitter and YouTube, but I am open to exploring other popular options.

     Although the topic may seem broad, I believe that I will be able to focus on the aforementioned social media networks specifically, and how they can enhance general classroom communication and enrich the learning environment.  I do not anticipate that I will need to modify my selection to make it last through April. However, if such circumstances should arrive I will extend my project to include other mediums and social networks that are being used by teachers such as Facebook, Google Hangout, or Wikispace in an effort to explore a more general topic of social media.

     I imagine that I can further break down my topic to address smaller questions concerning different aspects of using social media in a classroom. First I could start by analyzing advantages and disadvantages, move to exploring ways these medias are integrated into classrooms, search for studies incorporating the success of using social media for learning, and also explore other networks that could serve to enhance meaningful learning.

     I am excited to start this project and begin researching, as I believe I will find a lot of interesting tactics that could be applied using social media in order to develop a classroom and create an exceptional learning experience for students. With the rise in social media, I believe that harnessing this attraction can prove beneficial to teachers trying to reach their students and provide them with an entertaining yet educational atmosphere.

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